Why Musicians Can Count on Bristol Case to Protect their Instruments

Interview with Ron Levine, Grammy Award Winning artist:

When did you purchase your case and how did you discover Bristol Case?
1978. Our drummer arranged the meeting.

Would you recommend Bristol Case to other musicians looking to protect their musical equipment and instruments in transport?

Yes. I would.

Have you used other cases to ship/protect your musical instruments in the past? If yes, how does the Bristol Case compare?

I had an effects case built by Carlo Cases in Nashville and have purchased 2 Anvil cases, equipment and amplifier.

I would say that as far as custom cases Bristol and Carlo are the same high quality. The stock Anvil cases are also the same quality. I’m happy with all three companies.

Bristol is the only case I had built specifically for an instrument, although the effects in the Carlo case also needed to survive airplane travel

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What has your experience been using the Bristol Case to protect your mandolin? Can you tell us a little bit of your travels with the case?

I had the case made because I had to fly the mandolin in baggage to Houston.

I often had the mandolin ride in baggage storage on tour busses out of Nashville. I never had to worry about how the case was handled.

Can you describe your recent experience of working with the Bristol Case/OrCon team to get your case repaired?

They were honorable to the fullest in honoring the warranty. They were very helpful during the entire process.

The repair was perfect, exactly as the diagram that I had provided.

If there is anything else of note that you would like to share, please feel free.

I ship the mandolin, as well as other instruments, around the country in the Bristol case. I often tell the desk person at UPS that they could drop the case from an airplane and the instrument would be fine.

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